Friday, September 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus - Sexy Hot Dance Moves

Miley Cyrus in sexy black leotard performed a hot and sexy duet with David Bisbal
Miley Cyrus performed a hot and sexy duet with David Bisbal

Miley Cyrus has certainly broken out of her teen character Hannah Montana mode into a very sexy, strong musical performer.

From her wild flying hair to those towering seven inch spike Christian Louboutins shoes, Cyrus has evolved into a fiery, hot singer.

Maybe she just showing us that she Cann't be Tamed, which just happens to be the title of her new song.

Miley Cyrus certainly looked hot and sexy on stage as she performed in a black bodysuit with black jacket.

Miley Cyrus in sexy black leotard singing and dancing with female dancer
Miley Cyrus dancing with a female dancer

The low cut of the body suit top, clearly showed her developing cleavage.

She also incorporated her sexy long hair into her performance, as the photographers pictured her flinging it wildly as she performed.

Cyrus long sexy legs danced in an open toe pair of high heel ankle boots.

She also performed a hot and sexy duet with David Bisbal who was shirtless under his leather vest.

Cyrus was also pictured in a dance move with a female dancer reclining in her arm.

Miley Cyrus also performed The Climb and When I Look at You which is part of the soundtrack from her latest film The Last Song.

Her performance was on the third day of the Rock in Rio Madrid music festival in Spain before an audience of over 36,000, mostly women and young girls.

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