Monday, October 4, 2010

Rihanna – Sexy Red Head with Hot Bra Cones

Rihanna performing with new red hair and black cone bra rear view
Rihanna - new red hair - rear view.

Bra Wars may be the summer concert theme as the leading musical Divas head back to the states to resume their concert tours in July.

Lady Gaga has blazed the way with her fiery erupting bra.

Katy Perry wears a cup cake shaped white with red swirling bra that sprays out cream in her musical video California Gruls.

So, not to be outdone, Rihanna wore a black cone bra at her recent concert performance at the Rock in Rio music festival in Madrid, Spain.

Rihanna comment in her July 2010 cover article for ELLE: I respect designers who aren't afraid to go outside the box, she told ELLE.

Rihanna performing in  new red hair and black cone bra - front view
Rihanna - new red hair and black cone bra - front view.

I went to a Gaultier show, and I saw girls who are thicker than me, beautiful and voluptuous and different ethnicities. That made me so excited. I thought, Okay, I can work that, for sure., she told ELLE

It's actually the edgy design magic of Jean Paul Gaultier who envisioned and created the first cone shaped bra that was worn by Madonna in her tours.

Not only is fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier responsive for creating Madonna's famous cone bra, but he also designed the famous cage dress worn by singer and performing artist Grace Jones.

Rihanna in a hot dance number in cone bra and red hairdo
Rihanna in a hot dance number

Rihanna Hot Red Hairdo

In addition to Rihanna's sexy cone shaped bra, she has also added a blazing red hairdo to top off her new look.

The hot new hairdo featured a side shaving with a fiery red top sitting atop her head.

The unique style was created by celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen who created unique hair styles for Keyshia Cole, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, and America's Next Top Model winner Saleisha Stowers.

Rihanna is currently in the middle of her Last Girl on Earth concert tour.

The last leg of the tour begins when Rihanna arrives back in the United States in July, 2010.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour will also be returning to the states in July, 2010 with a Fourth of July concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey and sold out performances at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Rihanna is also featured on the July, 2010 cover of ELLE magazine.

For a behind the scenes look at ELLE fashion photo shoot with photographer Tom Munro, just take a look at the video clip below.

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