Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paris Hilton – Sexy Wet and Wild Vacation

Paris Hilton walks the plank in a very sexy, colorful string tied bikini
Paris Hilton walks the plank in a very sexy, colorful string tied bikini

What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day than some chilled champagne?

Well, when you are the Hilton sisters – Paris and Nicky – a mere bottle of champagne is hardly enough.

So you order up a magnum bottle or two to share with all your fellow party going friends.

This is exactly what Paris Hilton did after they stopped at La Voile Rouge in Saint-Tropez, France.

It wasn't long before the local jet set decided to thank Paris Hilton for the champagne by showering her in a chilled, bubbly champagne shower.

Paris Hilton showers party goers from the deck
Paris Hilton showers party goers from the deck

Paris Hilton was wearing a very sexy, plunge Monokini swimsuit with bright horizontal layers of warm colors blue, green, reds, orange, yellow which was dripping with champagne.

She seemed to enjoyed the refreshing champagne shower under the sunny skies.

She then turned the table on the party goers and squirted them with bubbly champagne.

Paris Hilton showers sprays the guest with champagne

Kind of reminded us of our own youthful games of squirting our friends with water balloons or water pistols.

I guest that when you are as rich as Paris Hilton, you just have to knock it up a notch, and trade in your water balloons for a magnum or two of chilled champagne.

Paris Hilton was also pictured on the bow of her yacht in a very tinny multi colored tied bikini.

It seems that Paris Hilton really loved her yacht and she also Tweeted about it.

Our yacht is incredible! Has its own pool, hot tub, movie theatre, recording studio, spa/massage room, gym, arcade room, helicopter pad and the most beautiful bedrooms and decor.

Well, if Paris Hilton decides on sponsoring a BVB (Best Vacation Bubby) contest, you can count us in.

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